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This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands, This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England. William Shakespeare: Richard II

Going through a rough

patch at this moment in


At the time of updating this page (July 2022) We are recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic, although it is still around, there is a war going on in the Ukraine, fuel prices are sky high and our Prime Minister, Boris Johnston, has just resigned! We are suffering the effects of Leaving the EU in 2020 and the cost of living is escalating. We still have hoards of illegal immigrants being trafficked across the Channel from France by dinghy. We are fast becoming a laughing stock because of the incompetence of the present Conservative government. If all that is not bad enough, it is now September and Queen Elizabeth II has just died. King Charles III is the new monarch. Once a self contained island, we decided to join a Common Market in the 1970's with a few other nations. This market eventually became the European Union and expanded to 27 nations. We were expected to take in immigrants from around the globe because of the EU open borders policy. This small country is already overcrowded. Open borders do not work. I am not a Brexit supporter but I believe this to be the reason many people voted to leave in the referendum. Yes we need immigration but we also need the right to be selective. Many thousands of immigrants traveled through Europe and because of the open borders made their way through to England rather than settling elsewhere where they were needed. The streets of London are not paved with gold. They are paved with homeless people sleeping rough. Some came looking for work but never found it. We also seem to have imported most of the criminal element from Eastern Europe. I believe we will suffer badly from leaving Europe but many were voters influenced by the above and the lies given out by influential "Brexiteers" including the ex Prime Minister.
> continued from left: fly your flag on April 23rd.I do not intend these to be racist comments, I am just trying to help preserve our English heritage and the customs and culture of my country, just like other cultures and religions are allowed. Let us have a national holiday to celebrate our patron saint! Don’t let England Die

We celebrate Guy


Each November 5th. the English build bonfires and organise firework displays. We have barbecues and beers on a cold night, spend a fortune on fireworks and invite the neighbours round for a few tins of lager. Many local councils and businesses put on public firework displays. What's all this in aid of? To celebrate the anniversary of a group attempting to blow up our Houses of Parliament! We do all this to celebrate Guy Fawkes and his plot but what do we do for Saint George? The patron saint of England (and many other countries) goes almost unrecognised. I don't care what your political views are. Maybe you would have been happier if Guy Fawkes and his men succeeded but it does not alter the fact that we should be proud of our small country. Show a bit of patriotism by flying your flags on April 23rd. Don't ignore the fact that the PC brigade would ban anything to do with English heritage if they had their way. Councillors in Tower Hamlets actually changed the bit of history above in 2006. Guy Fawkes was totally ignored at the firework display in Victoria Park. They had an Indian Fairy story instead to go with the fireworks on November 5th. How did they get away with changing an actual historical occasion like this? Don't let them ignore Saint George too! Fly your flag with pride

Saint George - Patron

Saint of England

April 23rd. St. George's day. Recognised now by more than ever before. The English are waking up to the fact that we were losing our identity and culture for the sake of others. The politically correct would like to ban our flag and hide our history. Some are determined to bury all traces of English heritage. Statues of people associated with slavery are being taken down. Why? We cannot pretend it never happened and we must be aware of it to prevent it happening again. The English now seem more willing to show their patriotism by hanging national flags in windows, balconies, on cars and in gardens when the occasion calls for it. International sporting events normally bring them out but there also seems to be an increase on St. George's day lately. I hope the trend continues. More and more London publicans (those that remain) seem to be celebrating the date as well. Maybe just to drum up trade, but at least it gets more people involved. All views expressed on this page are my own. I have no allegiance to any political parties or publications and although I may strongly disagree with the ways and words of some ethnic groups and religions I am not racist and would not encourage anyone else to be. I simply consider myself proud to be English. I am sad to watch us lose everything English in favour of a ‘multicultural’ Utopia that won't work. We have faltered in recent years but I hope we can make this country great again. If not, those that fought and died for it made their sacrifice in vain. Make an effort on Saint George's Day. Fly the flag with pride!

Let’s have a national day

of celebration

England's patron saint’s day should have official recognition. Not as another amalgamated ‘multicultural’ festival but as England’s own special celebration. In 2002 the then London Mayor, Ken Livingston, initiated Saint Patrick’s day celebrations in London's Trafalgar Square and a street parade that still goes on today. He also gave his blessing to events celebrating non English cultures that have settled here. He refused to recognise Saint George's day the same way. Why is there no public holiday or celebration in England on April 23rd.? If not a holiday, at least give us a parade! I realise that visitors to this site could be from anywhere in the world and are proud of their heritage but if you happen to stumble across it and you are English please make sure you Continued top right >