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As I said on the home page, my name's Barry and I'm based in Bethnal Green. I was born there in 1948. I got interested in computers 54 years later in 2002 and joined the Internet in April of that year. Regret discovering technology too late in life to be a Whiz-kid, but still enjoy mucking about on them. Published this site in September of that year. Although quite a few changes have been made since! Ex Publican... Had a pub in Hackney Road, Bethnal Green for ten years until 2001. Came out of it when an ankle I fractured a couple of years earlier started playing up. It’s fully healed now, but managed to break the other one nine years later! Got metal plates, bolts and pins in both now. Ex Postal worker... Did a six year stint at Mount Pleasant Sorting Office as a PHG (postman Higher Grade). Broke the monotony by becoming an official office tour guide there, the largest sorting office in Europe at the time. Ex Rail worker... I did eleven years on London Transport Permanent Way Dept. Repairing and re-laying the track. Heavy work digging out the beds and humping rails and sleepers around, but some great times. Some great drinking too!

Even More About Me

Ex etceteras... This is beginning to sound like a CV. Had many jobs after leaving school in 1963. Jobs were so easy to come by then. Done everything from erecting headstones in cemeteries to cutting up horse meat for pet food. Married a long time, until... Married in 1968. Have three daughters. Five grandchildren, two boys and three girls. My wife was diagnosed with cancer in November 2008, so I spent much of the time looking after her for quite some time. She passed away in February 2010 after 41 years of marriage. A Whiz-wrinkly... I spend a bit of time now on the computer. I have always been interested in photography and used to copy and renovate old photos on the PC. I also printed personalized greetings cards. I've designed a few web sites for other people, so if you want one for your small business my prices are affordable! A City of London guide... Just before my wife became ill I took a course at City University and am now a fully qualified tour guide for the City of London. Well, that’s enough about me for now. Thanks for using the site, enjoy the rest of your visit.